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B U S H O P E D I A   

A Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide to George W. Bush, the Bush Administration, Other Aspects of the Far Right, and Related Topics.

333 pages     ISBN 0-9785704-0-5

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Bushopedia Wins Award for Best Political Commentary

At the April 27, 2007 NCPA (Northern California Publishers & Authors) Awards Dinner, which honored books published in 2006, Bushopedia was announced the winner in a new category, Best Political Commentary. 

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Essential reading for progressives—still!

Bushopedia is well researched, well written, easy to read, entertaining, humorous, and above all, factual. You can use it as a reference or, as many are doing, you can read it from cover to cover.

It is as fresh as it was on the day it was published. The Bush administration is history and many of the rogues who were in the Bush administration and their fellow travelers in Congress have moved on. However, their influence is still felt and they serve as an object lesson for what can happen with an imperial presidency. And, of course, the Bill of Rights (to which seventeen pages are devoted) is still the Bill of Rights (and was ignored by George Bush and his cohorts). 

If you are concerned about the future of America (and, indeed, of the whole world), you need to stay informed and involved. Bushopedia may well be what inspires you in those endeavors.

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What they said about Bushopedia

"Bill Potts' Bushopedia will make you laugh, cry, scream, throw up, get mad, and try to do something about the worst administration in U.S. history. It's my kind of book."
Jim Hightower, author of Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush and Thieves in High Places


"Bushopedia says it all when it comes to the follies of the Bush administration and its conservative cohorts leading to the present American tragedy."
Helen Thomas, First Lady of the White House Press Corps and author of Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times


"What a hysterical and brilliant concept. I'm putting it on my coffee table. You can just open to any page and suddenly you can't stop reading."

Barbara Trent, Academy Award winning film maker (The Panama Deception) and seasoned activist


"An up-to-date, meticulously and thoroughly researched who's who, what's what, how and why of the Bush administration, at once as amusing as a W bushapropism and as serious as a cancer diagnosis. Must reading for the majority of Americans who believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction."
Edd Doerr, author and President, Americans for Religious Liberty


"An Extraordinary book."
Theodore A. Webb, author of Seven Sons: Millionaires and Vagabonds

More Recommendations

"This is one of the best glossaries of the Busheviks that we have come across."

"This is a multi-use book, meaning you can read it from cover to cover, browse through it at the entries that interest you, or use it as a reference book on all things Bushevik."

"Potts is thorough and comprehensive, but not without a wry sense of humor."

"As we've said before, you always need a well-researched, entertainingly-written book like this now and then to help you tie the dots together of the Bushevik pathology."

"Reading 'Bushopedia,' you are reminded that it is the social ... outcasts and extremists who are now running the nation."

"It's all right there, in black and white, in 'Bushopedia.'"

Mark Karlin, progressive activist -- from his review of Bushopedia


"While there are many excellent, informative books about Supreme Court-selected President George W. Bush, his administration, its allies and sycophants, Bushopedia may well be the single most useful one because of its handy encyclopedic format."

"While it is essentially a reference work, it can be read straight through -- if, that is, it does not raise your blood pressure too much."

"Bushopedia will no doubt make you angry, but its importance cannot be overestimated. And it should also prove to be an efficacious antidote for Ann Coulter's latest literary atrocity."

Edd Doerr, author and President, Americans for Religious Liberty -- from his review of Bushopedia


"If you are fed up with the Bush administration, let me recommend Bushopedia. Bill Potts has organized a breathtaking array of follies, foolishness, and posturing in an alphabetical reference book that can be read for entertainment as well as for information."

Ken Umbach, lifelong Republican


Take the tour and see excerpts from the book.